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best tartare
88 10th Avenue,
New York
NY 10011
Phone: (212) 989-8883

There’s tuna tartare and then there’s Morimoto’s version.  Considering his love for luxury ingredients, we should’ve expected something decadent, but this Toro Tuna Tartare takes the cake. It’s extravagant, expensive and worth every penny.   He uses the fatty pink part of a Bigeye Tuna, the part known as toro, and mixes it with regular tuna.  This buttery soft fish blend comes with six sauces, including wasabi, sour cream, nori paste, chopped chives, guacamole, and rice cracker balls, so you can try a new flavor combination with every bite.  The whole thing is finished off with a scoop of caviar and served on a wooden tray created just for the restaurant.  Of course, these luxury ingredients come with a matching price tag.  But if you’re willing to splurge, this $31 tartare is more than worth it.

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