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Best Places to Celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes

No one caters a celebration quite like the Italians.  Even a simple Sunday supper includes groaning trays of lasagna, spaghetti topped with a protein-rich gravy of sausage and other tomato-braised meats, and platters of cookies, cakes, cannoli or tiramisu.  But if you ask any seafood lover, the penultimate Italian spread is La Vigilia, or the or Feast of Seven Fishes, traditionally held on Christmas Eve to commemorate the time spent waiting for the midnight birth of Jesus.  Today, however, it is more well-known as an opportunity to gorge on course after course of various, seafaring delights.  So if you’re Italian (or never pass up on an opportunity to dig into a delicious Insalata di Mare or fragrant Zuppa de Pesce with mussels and clams) be sure to book a table at one of these holiday-ready restaurants.

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