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Cream Cheese-Centric Becky’s Bites is NY’s Newest Novelty

If you thought the single concept craze (biscuits, rice pudding, meatballs, mac n’cheese) had run its course, think again.

definitely revived the trend this summer, reaping Cronut-worthy lines in the West Village for cups, cones and sandwiches, stacked with flavored cookie dough, which appeared to have opened a Pandora’s box; paving the way narrowly-focused establishments to pop up once more.

And the latest of those is Becky’s Bites, unswervingly devoted to an unusual subject; cream cheese.  By putting the bagel’s sidekick front and center — which is also, incidentally, a primary ingredient in that other local icon, cheesecake — owner Becky Rosenthal hopes to assert the spread as a staple NYC item.

Using the signature offering at her former catering business (chocolate-covered cream cheese balls) as a jumping-off point, Rosenthal’s East Village establishment goes by the motto “Cream Cheese Reimagined.”  Which means, while you’ll certainly find bagels on hand (mini, of course, to effectively jibe with the cutesy, one-bite theme), coupled with spreads like loaded lox, cappuccino, bacon & egg and cookies & cream, they only comprise part of the menu.

Other tiny treats include the aforementioned, fudge-dipped balls (filled with jazzed up fillings like peanut butter cup, made from cream cheese sourced from the Hudson Valley), as well as wee apple pies and fruit tarts; palm-sized Tate’s cookiewich sandwiches, smeared with red velvet or funfetti birthday cake; and “Childhood Throwback” Snack Packs such Cinnamon Crunch (cinnamon sugar cookie crisps with vanilla dip), S’mores and Chill (graham crackers and toasted marshmallows with chocolate chip dip), and Salty Side — pretzel crisps swirled through salted caramel dip.

If New Yorker’s respond to cream cheese the way they’ve fallen for cookie dough, Becky’s Bites will have effectively elevated the bagel’s buddy, well beyond the schmear.

Becky’s Bites
122 East 7th St
(212) 420-9200

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