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City Guide: Best of Paris

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been tempted to stray from Manhattan, that is until I lived in Paris for two glorious months. Wandering the gorgeous and curiously clean streets, perfectly manicured gardens and parks of Paris makes you wonder why the hell we don’t all get on a plane and move to the city of love. And not just for love or for beauty, but mostly and most importantly (to me anyway), for food! Paris is a foodie’s paradise…

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Best of San Francisco

Living in one of the most exciting food cities in America (that being New York, of course!) can make it rather hard to get excited about other domestic cities. So it says a lot that I’m so fired up about San Francisco’s food scene right now. And I’m not talking about the local, seasonable and sustainable California food movement that Alice Waters made so famous. There’s a thrilling slurry of ambitious, young chefs, bakers and bartenders who are making San Francisco a very compelling dining destination…

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Best Of Venice

One of my favorite things about Venice is that there are no cars allowed. It’s one of the few enchanted walking cities, notably quiet and blissfully stuck in the past. Instead of taxis, there are vaporetto boats and gondolas with men in striped shirts rowing mostly tourists through the narrow canals. Then, there’s the food, which seems to evolve around seafood of the briny sorts: Cuttlefish baked in squid ink, Steamed Spider Crabs and Scampi come immediately to mind. There’s the oh-so-traditional Squid Ink Risotto studded with Cuttlefish, Spaghetti with Eggplant and Tomato, Ricotta Ravioli, Artichokes every which way, fried squid, calamari and shrimp with a squirt of lemon and salt. For dessert, there’s nougat, biscotti and the holy grail of sweets, gelato, of course. My favorite spot and the most famous shop is Boutique Del Gelato with a killer dark chocolate variety and an even better Banana and Zabaglione flavor.

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Best of Bangkok

It’s one thing to eat Thai food in America. It’s another thing entirely to eat Thai food in Thailand. The flavors are brighter, brighter, and more, well, Thai. If you get the chance to go to Bangkok, eat your face off. Seriously. Aside from seeing the Golden Buddha, The Grand Palace and a few other buddhas, you’ll want to focus your efforts solely on food. Especially the street food and just as importantly, the dive joints.

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Best of Nantucket

If you’ve never been to Nantucket, you haven’t truly seen America. This quintessential, oh-so-Americana island on the tip of Massachusetts, with its vibrant blue hydrangeas and weathered shingle, New England-style houses looks like something out of the 1800’s. It’s a vacation rite of passage for just about anyone who’s felt patriotic or craved a lobster roll with a side of fries in the summertime. The food, especially the fresh seafood, is just as terrific as the pristine beaches. Here’s a few of our must visits on Nantucket…

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