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  • TEISUI Serves NYC’s First Yakitori Omakase

    TEISUI Serves NYC’s First Yakitori Omakase

    New York has its share of both posh and pricey omakase restaurants, as well as cool & casual Japanese izakayas, and they both tend to exist as totally disparate concepts. But Tempura Matsui blurred the borders last year, when it designed a $200 per person progression around fried and battered meats and veggies, and now TEISUI has done the same, making the grilled and skewered chicken known as yakitori…

  • Mother’s Day Dining Guide: 2016

    Mother’s Day Dining Guide: 2016

    If you’re angling to express just how much you appreciate your mom, through conspicuous consumption of top shelf alcohol and food, you’ve come to the right place; as we’ve got eight, great suggestions for that all-important reservation — from a upper crust tasting at Gabriel Kreuther, to a classic French prix fixe (complete with all-American Bloody Mary bar!) at Rebelle…

  • Nix – First Bite

    Nix – First Bite

    Me, I don’t do meatless Mondays. In fact, I don’t do meatless any day. I’m a carnivore through and through. If it’s not meat, I crave poultry or fish… or eggs. If I don’t have one of the above, I feel like I haven’t really eaten. It’s still fascinating (at least to me!) to walk into a vegetarian eatery, like Nix, on a Friday night, and find every table and bar seat taken, with a noticeably fashionable crowd no less. But there’s nothing “granola” or hippy about Nix…

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Go Green this Earth Day with NYC’s Eco-Friendly Events & Eateries

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 in Best Of, Eating Events

When it comes to eating out on Earth Day, seek out spots that have truly taken going green to the next level, such as Birdbith, Café Habana and The Cynical Schnauzer, along with eateries holding eco-friendly promotions and events, such as Eataly, Kosaka and Fair Weather Brooklyn.

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John DeLucie Breaks Free of The Crown Group With Bedford & Co.

Bedford & Co.

Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

It’s been quite the drama-frilled year for John DeLucie, one of New York’s first real (non-television) celeb chefs. After a steady series of shutters — including Crown, The Lion, The Windsor and Bill’s Food & Drink — it was finally revealed that he was in the middle of a legal battle, due to murky financial dealings involving his former partner…

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Inside Turnstyle, Columbus Circle’s Subterranean Food Hall

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 in Food Markets, Hot Take-Out

Not that we need any more proof how radically times have changed, but we never could have conceived of the day that the subterranean, 59th Street-strip would become home to the city’s most happening new Food Court, dubbed Turnstyle…

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Ramps are All The Rage

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 in Best Of, Spring Eats

Start your engines, ladies and gentleman, as ramp season has officially begun! Obtained only through foraging, the young wild leek (adored for their seductive perfume and flavor) are the prize of any chefs produce section, so take advantage of these seasonal menu additions while you still can!

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New York’s Best Passover Desserts

Posted on Apr 18, 2016 in Best Of, Holiday Eats

Just as Hanukkah sweets (i.e., jelly donuts) tend to pale in comparison with the sugar rush associated with Christmas, traditional Passover desserts (i.e., gummy macaroons) don’t exactly hold a candle to Easter’s candy bacchanalia. But this is New York we’re talking about, and our pastry chefs simply don’t miss an opportunity to take treats to the next level; so leave room on your Seder table for Zucker Bakery’s Matzoh Cake, Jacques Torres’ Shalom bars and Mouth’s dark chocolate frogs.

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A Spotlight on Smorgasburg’s Most Noteworthy New Vendors


Posted on Apr 15, 2016 in Al Fresco Dining, Best Of, Food Markets

While they offer an abbreviated roster of vendors during their indoor, winter iteration, Smorgasburg is at its best during spring and summer, when 120 artisans gather at the Williamsburg waterfront, or inside Prospect Park. And 25 culinary craftsman have joined the already formidable lineup this season…

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Wallflower’s Foie Gras Bagel Will Make You Rethink The Schmear


Posted on Apr 14, 2016 in Dish Spotting, Restaurant Spotting

A bagel and schmear is the consummate NYC breakfast, but what if you replaced the expected cream cheese with a river of whipped foie gras? Not something you could order at the corner deli, to be sure, although you will find it during brunch at the West Village charmer, Wallflower…

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Inside dinnertable, NYC’s First “Reverse Speakeasy”

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting

There’s nothing ostensibly clandestine about the goings-on at The Garret East. Make your way through the (well marked) doors, and you’ll find the music pumping, the crowds bumping and everyone drinking; in perfectly plain sight. But if — perhaps in a boozy search for the bathroom — you happen to stumble your way past an inconspicuous curtain, you’ll be confronted with a single, discreet buzzer on a wall, enigmatically demanding that you “Push For Food.”

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Impero Caffe – First Bite

Posted on Apr 12, 2016 in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Reviews

It’s crazy how things change in just a few years. I remember when the area north of Madison Square in New York, now famously referred to as NoMad, was a haven for nothing more than fake handbags. Now, it’s not only a hotel destination, but also a restaurant destination. But the newest entry to the NoMad’s food scene was a surprise to me. I was waiting around for Scott Conant to open his long-awaited, eponymous new eatery, Conant…

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Q & A with The Cecil’s JJ Johnson

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

Marcus Samuelsson may be considered the culinary king of Harlem, but The Cecil’s JJ Johnson isn’t that far behind. In addition to being included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and receiving a James Beard Foundation nomination for “Rising Star,” the chef has made it his mission to educate the public about African food, by way of his critically acclaimed restaurant on W. 118th Street…

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Seasonal Eats: Here Come the Fiddlehead Ferns

Posted on Apr 8, 2016 in Seasonal Eats, Spring Eats

Ramps may tend to steal the spotlight as the most lusted-after spring delicacy, but one of the first — not to mention most unusual — veggies to pop from the ground at the end of winter are crunchy, intriguingly coiled fiddlehead ferns. Tasting like a cross between asparagus and young spinach, the tightly wound fern tips appear at the very beginning of spring…

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Thanks to Lilia, Brooklyn Is No Longer a No-Reservation Zone


Posted on Apr 7, 2016 in Brooklyn, First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Reviews

Need proof that Lilia’s the hottest Brooklyn opening of the last few years — in Manhattan’s estimation, at least? Witness the capacious refurbished auto body shop, properly prettified with exposed beam ceilings, soaring casement windows, tableaus of wine bottles and stacked cords of wood for the grills — utterly packed by 6:30pm…

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Trend Spotting: What’s With All the Bagna Cauda?

Posted on Apr 6, 2016 in Trendwatch

It seems an odd sort of thing to be trending, but boy have we been spotting Bagna Cauda all over the place lately! A Piedmontese dip, made with garlic, anchovy, olive oil and butter and served warm with an assortment of vegetables — like an Italian crudite — is popping up everywhere from Lilia to Lowlife…

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Where to Celebrate Passover 2016

Posted on Apr 5, 2016 in Best Of, Holiday Eats

It’s almost time for the Jewish holiday of Passover, lasting from April 22nd-30th this year. And while there are a number of dietary restrictions involved (including not eating leavened bread), it won’t feel like a sacrifice if you dine out in NYC, at deliciously observant spots like Russ & Daughters, Balaboosta, and even the contemporary Chinese Fung Tu!

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Paris Import Le Coq Rico is Flying High in Flatiron

Le Coq Rico

Posted on Apr 4, 2016 in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Reviews

Upon walking into the glittering Le Coq Rico in the Flatiron, your hostess will likely ask you if you’ve been there before. A seemingly odd question, considering the sleek French restaurant has barely been open two weeks, until you realize she’s referring to the original; a largely identical, poultry-focused spot in Paris. This is far from being your run of the mill brasserie…

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Edible Events: April 2016

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in Eating Events

There are all manner of fun, food events taking place in New York on a daily basis — from lavish, charity-driven galas to crowded, walk-around tastings and an endless array of pop-ups. But unless you have the time and money to party seven days a week, you’ll have to be somewhat discerning about what goes onto your calendar. So here are just a few worthy food celebrations we recommend getting tickets (or making reservations) for now…

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Gourmet Gossip: April 2016

Posted on Mar 31, 2016 in Gourmet Gossip

In this great dining city of ours, barely a day passes without news of an exciting new restaurant opening, a shocking chef shuffle, or a new, must-try dish. That’s why we’re keeping you apprised of the industry’s most noteworthy bits and bites — from Scott Conant’s return to the New York dining scene with Impero Caffe to a couple of concepts from Momofuku kingpin, David Chang (what, only two?)…

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Make the Most of In-Between Season at the Best New Restaurants in NYC

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 in Best Of, Spring Eats

Yes, it’s officially spring, and temperatures have seemingly settled in the 50 to 60 degree range, but we haven’t seen the last of cabbages, gourds, tubers and roots just yet. So until venerated veggies like ramps, asparagus, peas and artichokes fully descend on farmers markets, restaurants like Nix and Lilia are making the most of this interesting, in-between season…

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