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Garlic Shaker

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.50.14 AMWe love a passion project, especially when it comes to all things food and wine.  And we can totally get behind someone who is passionate about garlic; removing the peel from garlic to be specific.  We get it: No one loves the smell of garlic on their hands… a week later.

This here Garlic Shaker (pictured right) got its start on Kickstarter and successfully raised over 50 thousand dollars to get into production!  So you can be one of the first to peel garlic just by tossing a bunch of bulbs in side the shaker, closing it up and shaking!

How does it work you ask?  Simply put, it literally shakes the peel off the garlic by causing every clove to spin, rotate and gyrate within as you shake it a few times.  Best of all, it manages not to bruise a single clove.  And it’s BPA free and easy to clean.  So consider supporting a passion project and make cooking a whole lot easier for yourself in the process. (And no, we have no personal stake in the business.  We just love a good gadget!)

Garlic Shaker $19.95

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