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The Glory of Grains

We always crave comforting, earthier fare when temperatures decline, and few things satisfy that craving more than  unprocessed whole grains.   Nutty, complex, and versatile, grains like quinoa, farro, barley, and amaranth can serve as a base for pretty much any dish and chefs across the country have been discovering the glories of grains.

While these cereal grains have often stayed near the hippy fringe of the food spectrum, restaurants all over this fair city are now showcasing them in different colors, consistencies, and flavors.  From Perilla’s Farro Risotto to North End Grill’s Indian-inspired Upma Polenta and the gooey Peruvian Quinoa Pie at Fabiane’s Café and Pastry, whole-grains are getting a whole new look all around town this fall.


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