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The Best New Vendors at Mad. Sq. Eats

UrbanSpace’s pre-eminent outdoor food market has returned for its September run in the Flatiron District.  And as always, it’s managed to gather a number of exciting new culinary concepts on board, not to mention a few intriguing collaborations.  So here’s what to eat on your feet if you’re in the Madison Square Park area this fall, from stuffed Roman sandwiches to fried chicken-filled waffle cones!

Trapizzino: The Roman street sandwich specialist makes its market debut this fall, with handmade, stone-milled, naturally fermented pizza pockets filled with everything from butternut squash with toasted almonds, to chicken braised with garlic and rosemary, to veal tongue with a hint of Sicilian anchovies, and oxtail ragu in red wine.

Chick’nCone: Many entrepreneurs have used ice cream as a springboard for innovation, but these waffle cones have nothing to do with frozen dairy treats.  Instead, they’re filled with breaded and fried chicken tenders, slathered in sauces like Cinna-Maple, Buffalo Blue or Traditional BBQ.

Renegade Vice Parlour: Talk about a triple threat. This unprecedented collaboration between Renegade Lemonade, Ice & Vice and Macaron Parlour will present multiple mash-ups throughout the fall, equally showcasing ice cream, lemonade and the ethereal French cookies known as macarons.

The Cannibal “Passita”: Though a veteran Mad Sq. Eats vendor, this butcher and beer destination keeps switching it up, by expanding their market repertoire with nose-to-tail fare, like spicy tripe chili-topped hot dogs, house bacon and pickled chili-stacked burgers, and pigs head Cubans, country ham, mayo and gruyere cheese.

Farmstand: While it’s easy to OD on all manner of over-the-top, artery-clogging concoctions at food fairs like UrbanSpace, Farmstand keeps things wholesome with super virtuous salads, made solely with ingredients sourced within 150 miles of New York (including honey from the owner’s grandfather, one of the primary beekeepers in the tristate).  Think Peach & Melon with cider dressing, Green Beans & Feta bathed in green goddess, the Jai Thai piled with mixed greens, cabbage and crispy wontons, and the Kale Yeah; bulked out with wheat berries, spinach and hot peppers.

Daa! Dumplings: Don’t go looking for gyoza, as Daa is actually all about doughy Russian dumplings; featuring thick, organic flour skins tucked around antibiotic-free beef, pork and chicken or organic potato and mushroom, and even lamb and feta, Nutella, and tempeh and kale, garnished with pickles and vegan sour cream.

Mad Sq. Eats
General William Jenkins Worth Monument, 5th Ave
(212) 529-9262

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