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Shrimp Butler

Posted on Jun 18, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

It’s not officially summer, so don’t despair about all the rain just yet.  Me, I’m ready for the sun, beach, and beloved clambakes.  Shrimp cocktail’s a great appetizer. Unfortunately, the host is left with the time-consuming task of peeling and de-veining every single shrimp.  Or the Shrimp Butler can do it for you.  For $34.95 it peels and deveins your shrimp for you.  Just put each into the machine tail first, pull the lever, and they come out not only de-veined, but also butterflied!  Rinse under water and prepare as you like.  The Shrimp Butler is key to an easier clambake.   Shrimp Butler for...

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Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Posted on Jun 11, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

I thought it was never going to get here.  But it’s finally summer, which means warm weather, lobster rolls, barbecues, and ice cream.  Of course, really high temperatures aren’t exactly ideal to make ice cream with, but we’re into making our own and it couldn’t be easier with this little gadget.  Who doesn’t want to create their own flavors on a whim?  That’s what I thought.  Besides, great ice cream isn’t always available and sometimes, we don’t want to settle for the freezer section.   You can spend the day outside and simultaneously make ice cream with the Play & Freeze Ice cream maker, which is $25 and comes in a number of  colors. Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker...

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Bottletop Basting Brush

Posted on May 27, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

Memorial Day means summer has officially begun.  Which means warm weather, beach days, picnics, and endless barbecues.  The only thing I don’t like about barbecues is scrubbing the grill and cleaning the basting brushes.  This week, we discovered this Bottletop Basting Brush.  It’s genius.  First things first, It’s only four dollars.  Second, it takes the mess and mess-ups out of prepping your meats.  This brush fits on the top of any bottle, so you can use it for everything: fish, lamb chops, ribs, meat.  Then, just throw it in the dishwasher. $4 Basting Brush —...

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My Favorite Gizmo Ever — Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

Posted on May 13, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

I love tea almost as much as food.  There’s something about the fragrance, the taste, the ceremony of it all that soothes even the most type A individual.  Nothing compares to a cup of loose leaf tea.  But it requires time, clean up and equipment, which is why most opt for traditional tea bags. This is my favorite gizmo to date.  All you do is open the lid, pour your favorite kind of loose leaf tea in, add hot water, and let it steep for two minutes.  The coolest part about it is the liquid only comes out when you set it on top of a cup and a freshly brewed cup of tea.  Say you set it on the counter to grab a mug, no stain on the countertop.   You can place it on top of any tea...

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Smart Shopper Grocery List Organizer

Posted on May 7, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

How many times have you been to the grocery store or out running errands and forgotten something you were supposed to get?  Then, it’s back to the store for whatever it was you forgot, not to mention more time wasted in the checkout line.  Again. It’s so frustrating and happens to all of us.  That’s why someone was smart enough to invent this: The Smartshopper Grocery List Organizer. Just mount the organizer on the refrigerator, by your bed, or even on your front door.  Anytime you think of something you need or errand to run, record it with the voice recognition feature.  When you finally find time – or run out of toilet paper – the Smartshopper will print out your list, already categorized list for you!  Seriously. It’s got room for over 2,500 items in its digital library...

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Edible Easter Houses

Posted on Apr 9, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

I always wondered why gingerbread houses belonged to Christmas.  Wouldn’t it be fun to build a gingerbread house for your birthday or your Peeps?  You can.  It wasn’t easy to track down one, but our google search paid off — Bunny Hutch Cookie House kits.  While you’re boiling eggs to decorate this weekend, gather friends, family, or your kids and decorate-your-own gingerbread house.    It comes with a pre-baked and fully assembled leaving the decorations up to you.   It’s the perfect excuse to buy all the Easter candy you want, just be careful  not to eat the doorknob or shingles.   And it’s only $8.20. Bunny...

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Egg Timer

Posted on Apr 2, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

No one likes to admit it, but making a perfectly boiled egg isn’t as easy as it sounds. Timing is everything where soft, medium, or hard boiled is concerned.  You may think you have it down to a science, but change one condition and it can go awry.   With Easter fast approaching, we need to ensure optimal conditions, so we hunted down the Perfect Egg Timer.   Just choose a setting and throw it in the water with your eggs.  The timer easily adjusts to the conditions — elevation, amount, temperature.   All you need to do is remember to check the pot to see when they’re done.   Happy hunting! Egg Timer...

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The Scale Spoon

Posted on Mar 26, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

  Kitchen scales are impossible to navigate.   Especially when it comes to weighing small amounts.  We tracked down a solution.  The spoon scale can measure even the smallest amount to 1/10 of a gram.  Best of all, the scale navigate between grams and ounces, covering all your bases.  So no more excuses.  Maybe it’s time to tackle that new cookie recipe. Scale Spoon for...

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USB Herb Garden

Posted on Mar 18, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

City living has its pluses and negatives.  Turn the corner and you’re likely to discover yet another great restaurant, street cart, or food find.  Of course, there’s a catch.  Living space is cramped and so much for fresh air and playing in the grass.  Every spring, I get the urge to garden and a grow a few herbs of my own.  City living doesn’t mean you have to give up the dream. My computer is the last place I’d think of, but now there’s a USB greenhouse, powered by your computer.  Who needs sunlight and land or even time.   You don’t even have to worry about when to water it your herbs now.  The greenhosue software will remind you.  It’s perfect for growing a little basil, mint, and oregano.  Making capirinhas for a few friends, clip and serve. Start planting!...

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Fridge-Free Chill

Posted on Mar 5, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm glass of wine or beer bottle.  And we’ve all been to a party where there isn’t enough fridge space.  Even worse, maybe it was your party. That’s not going to happen again because I just discovered the Cooper Cooler.   The cooler can chill a can from room temperature to 43 degrees in just one minute.  Bottle of wine? 3.5 minutes.  Yes, we timed it.  All you need to is add ice and water and the machine will do the rest. It’s just in time for St. Patty’s Day celebrations.  Grab some Guinness and a cooler for $59.  Slainte!  That’s cheers in Irish… Cooper Cooler $59.00...

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Automated Spice Rack

Posted on Feb 25, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

As we near the final stretch of winter, you might want to seize the last of stews, chili and even hearty soups.   And this automated spice rack practically begs for simmering pot.   You just mount the rack above your stove or sink.  It’s get better — each container dispenses a perfectly measured 1/4 teaspoon.  So you can control how spicy or salty you want your food.  At $36.95, you’re well on your way to becoming a top chef. Spice...

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Foolproof Sushi Rolls

Posted on Feb 18, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

Ever want to play sushi chef once in awhile, but can’t make a decent roll to save your life?  Rolling sushi is not my forte.   This sushi maker requires nothing but creativity and fresh fish.  So imagine whatever roll you’ve ever wanted to eat, then stuff the middle barrel with sushi rice, fish and fillings.  Close it up and out comes a flawless roll. You can even switch out the seaweed with soy paper for novelty’s sake.  Guests can order exactly what they want and you can roll it for them. Sushi Maker For...

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Vacu Vin Winemaster

Posted on Feb 12, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

Why does opening a bottle of wine have to be so difficult? It just got a whole lot easier and we can thank the Vacu Vin Corkscrew Winemaster for the that.  Just peel off the foil with Vacu Vin’s foil cutter.  Then insert the corkscrew into the cork, pull down the handles in one smooth, swift move and out comes the cork.  The best part — which is always the hardest part — pull down all four sets of handles and the cork slides right off the corkscrew.  The whole process takes less than ten seconds.  We tried it a couple times just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke the first time.   It comes in clear and black, whatever you fancy.  Drinking is a pleasure and opening the bottle shouldn’t feel like work.   Now it doesn’t. Winemaster —...

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Wine & Dine Appetizer Tray

Posted on Feb 5, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

Ever been to a cocktail party?  It’s a juggling act.  It’s never fun to stand by the food table just because you need a place to put your drink.  Or be the one standing in the corner with a glass in one hand and plate in the other.  These  new wine and dine appetizer trays finally solve that problem.  Each tiny tray is just large enough to hold a variety of hors d’oeuvres while also cradling a wine glass.  So you can know mingle all you want without starving to death.  And the host will have less spills to clean up. 4 Trays for $30 – Oval Appetizer...

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Inside Out Champagne Flutes

Posted on Jan 28, 2009 in Gizmo Girl

If New Year’s Eve was any indication, it’s going to be a great 2009 where gizmos are concerned.   These aren’t just champagne glasses, they’re champagne flutes (pictured right.)   All you need is the bubbles.  One the champagne starts flowing each handmade glass turns into a flute.  Even better, the outside glass layer keeps the champagne chilled.  Ooh, best of all, the double pane makes for a sturdier glass, which comes in handy when you’re tipsy. Each inside-out flute costs $60: Champagne Flutes...

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Christmas Cookie Cutters

Posted on Dec 18, 2008 in Gizmo Girl

Why not go a little crazy this holiday and change up the ole cookie baking routine?  Instead of making the usual gingerbread men cookies, shape some anatomically challenged ones.  Behold the ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters.  They have missing heads, legs and arms.  There’s no way kids won’t love them, and if a few scrooges can’t find their sense of humor, their loss.  The ABC cookie cutters come three in a pack for $7.  On Christmas Eve, just put some out to make it look like Santa stopped in for some milk and cookies. Xmas Cookie...

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Multi-Tier Oven Rack

Posted on Dec 11, 2008 in Gizmo Girl

Sure the holiday ham or hen is the star of the show, but make room for the sides. What’s Christmas dinner without all the trimmings?  Unless you have two ovens, cooking space is hard to come by. Here is the solution— the multi-tiered oven rack.  This holds up to three levels of casserole dishes.  Now you don’t have to play favorites.  There is room for all you.  And when the evening finally comes to an end, you can fold this puppy up for easy storage.   Pretty clever.  Happy holidays… Oven...

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Dish Up

Posted on Dec 5, 2008 in Gizmo Girl

Are you the type who doesn’t like food to touch?  You know — the kind who won’t refuses to eat their chicken if it so much as brushes up against the mashed potatoes?  The kind who cringes when the ketchup makes contact with your side of broccoli.  I went through that phase as a child.  But, apparently a few adults still suffer from this plate phobia. Not a problem with this invention, which comes in either a plate or a bowl.   Plus, you can store these “Dish Up” accessories vertically, so you actually save precious storage space.   And for city dwellers, that’s worth its weight in gold. Dish Up:...

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Pimped Out Turkey Baster

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 in Gizmo Girl

It’s that turkey time of the year.  Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner?  Eating it anyway.  But someone’s gotta cook, so feast your eyes on the Cuisipro Dual Baster (pictured right.)  This ingenious gadget has a shower head side to evenly coat the bird.   Of course, there’s always those hard to reach spots on the bird, which is why you can switch it to the injector attachment to hit specific spots.  It leaves the turkey moist and flavorful.  Plus, it’s dishwasher safe which makes hectic holiday cleanup all the easier.  No need to throw the gadget in the back of your drawer once the holiday season ends.  It’s great for any meat, fish, or poultry too.  Did I mention it’s only $9.95? Cuisipro Dual Baster ...

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Chop 2 Pot Folding Cutting Board

Posted on Nov 5, 2008 in Gizmo Girl

Some cooking gadgets sound too good to be true.  Not this one.  It’s even better than its humble billing.  I don’t know about you, but I lose half of my ingredients on the way from the cutting board to the pot.  (I’m a fan of the ten second rule.)   The Chop 2 Pot not only functions as a cutting board, but also a chute to transport your chopped goods to the stove top. Suppose you’re sauteeing mushrooms.  Slice them on the cutting board, then fold your Chop 2 Pot and carry the sliced mushrooms over to the saute pan.  Did I mention it’s also dishwasher safe?  It is. Chop 2 Pot Folding Cutting Board...

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