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2007’S Peep-Off X and much more…

Living in NYC, we think we’ve seen & done it all before.  Apparently not.  Only in Sacramento California can you participate in 2007’s Peep Off X, the tenth annual peep eating contest set to take place on April 14th.  The master of ceremonies himself, Dennis Gross continues to hold onto his 1991 record of 81 peeps.  Even more astounding, Dennis managed to keep all 81 down.  While he didn’t break Dennis’ 1999 record, Doug O’ the Ozark crushed last year’s competition eating an impressive 30 peeps.  Game?  Email the master himself.  Don’t feel like driving across the country?  Watch the documentary, The Power of Peep.

81 peeps.  That must’ve been quite the sugar high.  But how much sugar exactly?  While not listed on the  Just Born’s official site, I happen to have a couple of unwrapped peeps aging nicely on the kitchen counter.  For calorie counters, carbo-phobics and diabetics, here’s the skinny:

Total fat 0g
Carbohydrates 8g
Sugar 7.2g
Calories 32

Can’t spare the calories?  First Born has just introduced a line of sugar-free chicks, made from Splenda.  For those of you who haven’t acquired the taste, you can still hang with your peeps: build a diarama, create peep art, cook your peeps, or even conduct a little at home research of your own.  Peep Research has been done to determine a peep’s reaction to cold, heat and low pressure.  Yes, really.  Perhaps under the influence of marijuana, the Peep Research Organization has determined peeps don’t fare well in the cold, shattering upon impact (with a hammer).  A hot peep turns into marshmallow fluff and under low pressure, a peep loses its fluff, melting to the ground Wicked Witch style.

While some appear unnaturally preoccupied with the little birds (see Peep Research and Peep Off), Peeps are universally adored by Easter enthusiasts as well as Chowhound foodies, who seem to have found ways to cook with peeps – peep souffle, meyer lemon peeps de creme, & rice krispy peeps – and even pair wine & peeps.

DISCLAIMER: Restaurant Girl does not endorse the ingestion of 81 peeps.  I did just swallow ten pink chicks and I’m crashing from my peep high right now.  Happy hunting…

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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