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Mini-Cupcake Maker

gadget mini.jpgWe know pies are the new cupcakes and cupcakes are by no means the most chic sweet these days. But we’re still a sucker for Baked By Melissa’s minis because you can maximize your flavors.  Instead of one cupcake, you can try four different minis, which is why we fell for this mini-cupcake maker.

How cool would it be to make your own minis, so you can eat them warm and fresh from the oven? You can be as high maintenance as you want about your toppings.  It looks just like a waffle iron, only it bakes seven mini cupcakes in 5 to 8 minutes instead.  Its baking surface is nonstick for easy cleanup, and it comes with a light to tell you when the power is on and when your cupcakes are done.  It’s great for entertaining with DIY frostings and toppings for guests.

Mini Cupcake Maker – $38

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