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A Measuring Cup & Scale In One

Anyone who’s ever tried to bake a cake or get a chocolate souffle to rise knows that cooking and baking are two very different skills.  You might be able to eye ball measurements for a wine sauce, but certainly not a cake.  (Or you may end up with a pancake.) And if you’re really serious about cooking, you know you not only have to factor in measurements, but also the weight of ingredients.  As the New York Times recently pointed out in an article called Tipping The Balance For Kitchen Scales, weight matters.

But who has space or the money for a full set of cooking scales?

That’s why we love this Digital Scale Measuring Cup (pictured right).  A little bigger than your average measuring cup, it’s a scale and measuring cup in one, and can be used for both wet and dry ingredients. Since recipes come from all over the world, it measures in pounds and ounces for American recipes, or grams and milligrams for European ones.  The weight appears in a digital readout on the handle. Our favorite part is that it automatically converts common baking ingredients like sugar from weight to cups (volume) and comes with a conversion table written right along the side.

Taylor Digital Scale Measuring Cup – $39.95

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