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Adjustable Rolling Pin

18499_meds.jpgI absolutely love the holiday season because it’s synonymous with gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, bread pudding, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie.  Even if you don’t cook, most people get the festive itch to give baking another try.  Now, pies aren’t my forte, particularly the crusts.  Most cooks have their strong suits and, well, not-so-strong suits.  No matter how hard I try, the crust always comes out bumpy and uneven and that’s not even the worst part.  The worst is rolling it out to find it’s too large or too small for my pie pan.

What usually happens is I call it a day and make cookies instead.  This year, I’m determined to roll out a perfect pie crust, so I hunted down this adjustable rolling pin (pictured right).  It comes with three removable discs to raise or lower the rolling pin to just the right height, which means I can use it for pizza, pasta and pastry dough, too.  Even better, there’s measurements carved right into the pin itself, so I can finally get my pie crust width right this year!

Rolling Pin $20.00 

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