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April is Pastry Month

In honor of the largely unsung artists who create the divinely sweet endings to many of our perfect meals,
we are celebrating some of the city’s finest pastry chefs throughout the month of April. 
Many often work as diligently in the kitchen as the executive chefs, yet receive far less acclaim for their labors.  These confectionary experts will be featured in our weekly “Behind the Kitchen
Doors” interviews.  We will also showcase their recipes in each Friday “Dining Out” feature.  Chefs
on the recognition roster include Karen De Masco from Craft, Vera Tong
from Dovetail and Richard Leach of Park Avenue Spring. 
Also, look for detailed roundups throughout the month on everything from New York’s Best Cookies to the  City’s Finest Classic Desserts. 

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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