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Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinder

750672pIt’s no secret that cooking alone is challenging.  After all, the sous chef was created for a reason.  The main challenge is simply not having enough hands to do everything at once.  Another set of hands (or a bionic arm) would be extremely helpful while trying to stir a pot of soup, simultaneously season and turn the page in your recipe book.  Any kitchen gadgets that make our life easier (and actually work!) are a welcome addition to the kitchen, which is why we love this Gravity Activated Salt and Pepper Grinder.

The first of its kind, this unique gizmo is the first Salt and Pepper Mill we’ve come across that promises use with only one hand.  Besides, how many of you have had issues getting pepper out of your pepper mill?   No longer.  This double-sided grinder does all the work for you.  And it doesn’t have to salt and pepper.  It can be filled with any seasonings and set to your desired level of coarseness.  When you’re ready for it to do its magic, just turn it to one side and a gravity sensor inside will activate the grinder on the side you’ve chosen.  It’s ideal for the busy cook, looks sleek in any kitchen, and is incredibly easy to refill (not to mention, it’s totally fun to show off).

Automatic Gravity-Activated Salt and Pepper Grinder $39.99

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