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Balthazar Celebrates its 10th Anniversary Today

Keith McNally’s classic French, Balthazar, became an instant success from the moment he opened the doors to this fashionably-outfitted Soho destination.  With ten years now under its belt, a separate VIP reservation line for the privileged few and a healthy all-day clientele, McNally celebrates the milestone of his baby.  In honor of its tenth anniversary, Balthazar will serve complimentary glasses of champagne at breakfast as well as an entire bottle of bubbly for both lunch & dinner crowds.

With Balthazar, Pastis, Schiller’s Liquor Bar and most recently Morandi – McNally’s newest addition to his food fold with partner chef, Chef Jody Williams – McNally has finally ventured outside his French “comfort zone” to boldly try his hand at recreating an authentic rustic Italian vibe in the West Village.

After disappointing reviews from NYM’s Adam Platt & NYP’s Steve Cuozzo, it suddenly seems McNally’s not quite as invincible as he once was.  The powerful wizard behind the curtain has lost control over the land of Oz.  Fret not – while there are some bumps in the road – Jodi’s only just settling in McNallyland.  Besides, the addicitive pork-stuffed fried olives & sumptous scallops are reason alone to slide up to the bar for a light bite, fig cocktail and some beautiful people-watching.  Ironically, Morandi manages to more than thrive.  If McNally builds it, New Yorkers will flock.

Case in point: Balthazar turns 10 years old and this proves only just the beginning for this timeless French bistro.

80 Spring St., btwn. Broadway & Crosby

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