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BeerTender Keg

As football season gets into full swing, we start thinking of new ways to entertain for game watching at home.  At just about any proper football party, you’ll find the essential eats, like nachos, chili and chicken wings.  And of course, you can’t host a sporting event party without beer… lots of beer.  Sure, you can fill the fridge with a collection of Corona and Heineken bottles, but it’s much more fun to experience the game like you’re right there in the action.  We found the perfect way to do it.

The BeerTender will convert your football party (or any other worthy occasion) into a full service brew bar.  With Heineken DraughtKeg technology, it’s designed to keep your beer at a perfect 37.4 degrees, and it’ll keep it fresh for up to 30 days after it’s tapped!  (How crazy is that?)  Its simple and sleek design won’t crowd the kitchen counter, and since you won’t have all those bottles laying around, you’ll have extra room in the fridge for snacks.  There’s a sleek, LED display to show temperature and volume indicators, and a silent cooling system. It works with any Heineken or Newcastle DraughtKeg, so put your favorite on tap and enjoy the game with some perfectly chilled beer!

Krups BeerTender $118.99

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