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Bunny Whoopie Pie Pan

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 5.19.06 PM.pngCupcakes jumped the shark long ago. And while everyone’s declaring pie the new cupcake, I beg to disagree.  Aside from both being desserts, pie has nothing in common with cupcakes. Now whoopie pies are another story.  Just like cupcakes, a whoopie pie is composed of moist cake and frosting, except the frosting is in the middle — a little like a frosting sandwich. And whoopie pies are just as trendy these days as traditional fruit pies.

Seeing that Easter is just around the corner, I wanted to make whoopie pies in festive Easter colors, like yellow and pink.  But Sur La Table did even better than that with this bunny whoopie pan (pictured right).  If you don’t know how to make whoopie pies, they also sell whoopie pie kits with foolproof mix for the cake and icing in flavors, like red velvet, carrot cake, and chocolate.  After you’ve assembled them and let them cool, you can even have a whoopie pie decorating party with a few friends.

Whoopie Pie Pan from Sur La Table $ 12.95

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