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Adjust-A-Burger Press

pressOkay, so we’ve got dad on the brain right now. After all, Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve been on the hunt for great gift ideas.  Well, we just found another one.

If your dad is like most men, he’s got a thing for the grill and he’s probably spent half his life perfecting his burger blend or trying to achieve the ideal medium rare.  But one of the most challenging things about burgers is molding them to fit the bun.  Some end up flowing over the sides while others get swallowed up by bread.  We found a way to achieve the perfect burger to bun ratio.   This Adjust-A-Press provides a circular mold for you to make perfectly shaped patties every time.  And don’t forget thickness.  That’s a crucial component, too, which is why this press lets you adjust the thickness of your patty.  Best of all, it comes in two sizes for sliders and regular-sized burgers.   The set of two is so inexpensive that you might want to buy one for yourself while you’re at it.

Adjust-A-Burger Press $9.99

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