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Cake Pop Maker

Dessert crazes are a never ending cycle in this city.  From cupcakes to macarons, it seems as if New Yorkers love anything that’s sweet and small.  Cake pops are one of the many tiny favorites and understandably so.  There’s something exciting and guilt-free about having a couple bites of cake without all of the guilt that comes with having a whole slice.  Not to mention, it’s an easy way to get your sugar fix on the go (no forks necessary).

You could stand in line at the nearest Starbucks or specialty bakery to get one, but why not just make your own at home?  It’s not the easiest feat to accomplish, but we’ve got the low down on the best kitchen gadget to help you out.  The Babycakes Pop Maker is a waffle iron of sorts, specifically designed to bake perfectly shaped cake pops with ease.   Just whip up some of your favorite cake batter, pipe it into the tray, close the lid, and you’ll have twelve golden cake pops in no time.  The maker comes with paper sticks, a lifting fork, and a filling injector.  We love baking up carrot cake, filling them with cream cheese icing and dipping them in white chocolate, but the combinations are literally endless.  Create your own mini treats for a Halloween party or to toss into the kids’ lunch boxes!

Babycakes Pop Maker $32.99


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