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Centro Vinoteca's Devilish Dish

The newest Italian to descend on the “boot-saturated” West Village reveals a determined kitchen with ingenious little twists on food that manages not to take itself seriously.  With Felidia, Savoy and numerous stints as Batali’s sidekick on Iron Chef America, Centro Vinoteca is Anne Burrell’s solo show. 

While it’s still too early in the game to jump to any conclusions, I’m compelled to bask in the sheer delight of their truffled deviled eggs.  Now twice bitten, these nibbles proved themselves to be no fluke.  Let’s break them down, shall we?  Behold, these hardboiled whites; deceptively simple groundwork for wickedly creamy puffs of black truffle-specked yolks, doused with truffle oil & sprinkled with fresh chives.  Here’s the clincher: they’re a mere $4.  I’ll never see a deviled egg quite the same way again.

Address: 74 Seventh Ave., at Barrow St.
Phone: 212.367.7470

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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