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Cheese Girl: Wine & Cheese Pairing


Eating a great cheese can be
a palate-altering experience that can become even more blissful when
paired with a great wine.  But finding the perfect pairing’s
not as easy as you may think. Sure, there are plenty of cheeses and
wines that get along, but I can help you find those marriages made in

A great pairing happens when
the cheese and wine taste better together than they did on
their own.  Maybe you started with a so-so wine, but when combined
with the cheese, you can suddenly taste complexities and nuances you
never thought you could coax out of that $10 bottle of vino.  Here’s
how you do it:

Take a piece of cheese in your
mouth, throw a splash of wine on top, and mash it all together. Wait
a few seconds, swallow and note the finish. Things to look for –

  • Power struggle.
      A delicate cheese will get lost if paired with a hearty red wine. Think
      of where each falls in the spectrum of mild to strong and pair accordingly.
  • Balance.
      Sweet wines should be balanced with salty cheeses, and acidic (young)
      wines work best with acidic (young) cheeses.
  • Contrasting texture.
      A bubbly wine might be exactly what you need to lift an ultra-buttery
      cheese.  For instance, a triple-crème cheese goes great with Champagne.

Try these summer time cheese
and wine pairings:

  • Humboldt Fog
      (California) – Fresh and tangy goat’s milk tomme with a velvety brie-like
      rind. Pairs with dry and minerally Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Monte Enebro
      (Spain) – Nutty (hazelnut), spicy (white pepper) and distinctively goaty.
      Pairs with aged Ribera del Duero (with soft tannins).
  • La Tur (Italy)
      – Barnyardy and buttery, mixed milk cheese. Pairs with Malvassia and
  • Ossau Iraty
      (France) – Nutty and round buttery flavors, sheep’s milk cheese. Pairs
      with dry Sauvignon Blanc and fruity Beaujolais.

If you can’t remember all that, print this crib sheet out, head to your local cheese store, and shop like a seasoned fromager.  Stay tuned for next week’s lesson in Cooking With Cheese…
Until then, you can visit me for cheese-centric recipes & recommendations at
cheeseaholic aka Nadia.

Where:  Telepan
What: Summertime cheeses & Telepan wines
When: Saturday July 29
Time: 12:30-2
Tickets: (212)580-4300 or at waldemar & nadia

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