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Where to Dine During Chinese New Year 2017

3.+HJTS_8at88_EightHappiness八星报喜_CNY2016We may have already gone through the motions of counting down the ball drop and clinking champagne flutes in anticipation of 2017, but according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, the New Year (i.e., the Year of the Rooster) doesn’t really begin until January 28th.  And there are a whole host of other — frequently edible — traditions that surround the multi-day celebration, so if you want to hedge your bets for longevity, prosperity, family togetherness and happiness in the coming months (and goodness knows, we all need it), consider feasting on spring rolls, dumplings and noodles at the following observant spots.

Hao Noodle & Tea: The critically-acclaimed eatery regularly renovates its menu according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, which means you’ll currently find dishes especially calibrated to honor the New Year; such as Mini Eight Treasure 9c6e4cac5129b54df805ee8b9831f17fSteamed Glutinous Rice Cakes, padded with minced fruit, pork fat, sugar and bean paste.
401 6th Ave, (212) 633-8900

Atoboy: This Bib Gourmand awarded newcomer is supplementing their Korean banchan-inspired menu with shots of ‘Ttoukguk’ — a rice cake soup, whose whiteness symbolizes the purity of the year ahead —on Lunar New Year day.
43 E 28th St, (646) 476-7217

MaLa Project: Pair a unique, dry hot pot with celebratory menu additions at this East Village hotspot, such as Spicy Duck Neck, Braised Beef Heart, Garlic Eggplant and Chicken Feet.
122 1st Avenue, (212) 353-8880

20120120-Talde-7Talde: The Three King Hospitality Group’s flagship Brooklyn restaurant will be offering dinner and drink specials from January 27th-29th, including Wild Mushroom Dumplings with barrel aged maple soy sauce, Lobster Longevity Noodles, Tea Smoked Peking Duck offered by the whole or half bird, and two-person pitchers of Whiskey Ginger Smash cocktails.
367 7th Ave, (347) 916-0031

The Beatrice Inn: You might not think to commemorate Chinese New Year at this celeb-mobbed West Village steakhouse, but new owner, Angie Mar, is honoring her heritage with a dim sum brunch on January 28th, featuring Prawn Dumplings, Duck Shumai, Lamb Belly Buns and more.

fe7c4ee85cfa17ebac5048a3e834532dKing’s County Imperial: Williamsburg’s refined Chinese street food specialist (from the owners of Stone Park Café) is offering a $55 prix-fixe on Jan. 27th, the first night of the Lunar New Year — expect specialty cocktails and nibbles like Beef Short Rib and Shrimp and Pork Shumai.
20 Skillman Ave, (718) 610-2000

Buddakan: Stephen Starr’s opulent pan Asian fantasia opens for brunch only once a year — and this time it’s Jan 29th; the date of their annual dim sum party.  A feast of noodles (representing longevity) and dumplings (symbolizing wealth) are only one part of the fun; additional events include a traditional tea service, a Luen Hing lion dancers performance, and the handing out of red envelopes; awarding attendees with complimentary drinks and dishes.
75 9th Ave, (212) 989-6699

jia-wei-chinese-restaurantLa Chine: Located in the Waldorf Astoria, the seriously luxe La Chine is adding a host of delicacies to its regular menu of Wok-Seared Maine Lobster and Conch and Scallop Consommé; think Fried Freshwater Eel and lacquer-skinned Barbecue Duck.
540 Lexington Ave, (212) 872-4913

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