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Chip Maker

mastrad-chip-maker-300x255.jpgNow that football season is in full gear we need to start getting creative with our TV snacks.  We could open a bag of packaged chips, but we’d rather make them ourselves.  This week, we found this Chips Maker (pictured right).  This tray and mandolin set lets us make potato chips in the microwave, which is perfect for our New York-sized kitchens. No deep fryer required.

And because these chips are cooked in the microwave you don’t have to worry about all that admittedly delicious saturated fat.  It’s like potato chips on a diet, which is something we thought we’d never say.  And since you make them yourself, we suggest you experiment with whatever potatoes you find at the farmer’s market — be it sweet potatoes, blue potatoes or fingerling potatoes.  We think this tool is the perfect way to kick off root vegetable season of the parsnip, pumpkin and yam sorts.  If that’s not enough, you can also use the mandolin to slice up fruit and bake up fruit chips, too.  We can’t think of a better reason to snack.

Chips Maker by Mastrad $19.99 

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