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Christmas Tree Pan

xmas tree pan.jpgBaking a cake that tastes good is one thing, but making it look good is another feat.  We all can’t be Martha, but we can certainly try and the holiday season always get us in the spirit to give it a whirl.  This year, we might just succeed with this 3-D Christmas Tree Pan (pictured right).

We’re not only fans of multi-purpose gadgets, but also baked goods.  With this 3-D mold, we can bake up a holiday cake and decoration in one.  Use any recipe you’d like, pour the batter in the mold and pop it in the oven.  When it’s done, let it cool, then decorate your Christmas tree anyway you like.  Set it on a table and when you’re through with dinner, you can serve it for dessert!

Xmas Tree Pan $29.99

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