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Coffee Bean Ice Tray

AAAADM6PRdoAAAAAALvwtQ.jpgIt’s officially iced coffee season.  Walking down the street with a cup of hot coffee on a hot day can feel like wearing a turtleneck to the beach.   The only downside to iced coffee is the ice cubes melts too quickly and you end up drinking a watered-down drink.  Not anymore.

We tracked down these coffee bean ice trays that literally eliminate watery coffee because you fill the tray with coffee instead of water. Unlike your garden variety trays,  these are specially designed for hot liquids and shaped like coffee beans. Just brew a batch of coffee or use what’s leftover from your morning batch, pour into the trays and freeze.  Add these adorable, bean-shaped cubes to the glass for a strong, better tasting iced coffee.  You can also add them to a glass that’s been sitting out a bit to cool it down again.  Pretty clever.


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