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Easy Crab Cracker

imageWith the end of summer drawing closer, we need to savor the season’s best while there’s still time.  That means eating all of the fresh produce and seafood we can find, indulging in scoop upon scoop of homemade ice cream, and best of all, relishing the wonderfully messy crab boils that are just made for warm weather.  But let’s get real:  The delight of succulent crab meat after a perfect beach day is one thing, but we’re not nearly as fond of the arduous process of splitting open those tough claws and risking piercing our fingers on sharp shell edges.  (Just telling it like it is.)  That’s why we’re stoked to discover this handy little WiseCracker, a specially designed crab cracker that makes eating fresh crab safe, effortless, and fun.

The unique design of this crab cracker keeps your hands away from the sharp shards while you split open testy claws with ease.  Use the comfortable rubber handle to break open the tough shells, then when the meat is fully exposed, the pick at the end of the tool gently pulls it out, so you can enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labor.  And clean up is utterly painless; just throw this little gadget into the dishwasher and kick back on the deck to watch the sunset.  Just one more reason to plan a few more end-of-summer crab boils.

Wise Cracker $19.95

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