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Cupcake Corer

19278_lg.jpgHave you ever wondered how they get the jelly inside a donut or the cream into a puff?  Discovering the filling is half the fun.  It was a delcious mystery to me until I decided to make cupcakes with a fudge center.  I snooped around and found this clever gadget (pictured right,) which inserts filling into the beloved cupcake.

The cupcake corer does all the work for you by carving a perfect hole in the center of the cupcake.  Just twist the corer into the middle of an already baked and cooled cupcake, pull out the corer, and push down on the plunger to remove the core.  Then fill the empty center with whatever you like, using one of the squeezable decorating bottles included in the set. You can do anything from cream in the center of a banana cupcake to peanut butter with a jelly filling or traditional cream.  The flavor combinations are endless and up to you now.  Borrow the Magnolia or Babycakes recipe and make your own cupcakes.


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