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Debut Gripe

It has recently come to my attention that too many a restaurant grievance goes unaired: an all too apathetic server, a half-thawed hen, a mortgage-your-meal check.  After my inbox reached capacity for the 11th time, I have finally decided to make two changes.

First, I finally purchased more email space, so feel free to gripe away.  But more importantly, hereon forward I will now post the most noteworthy or glaring offenses in a weekly column, deemed Gourmet Gripes.  It’s official.  Thus, you stand warned that when you beef, it will go public.

Seeing as I only enacted the new policy this week, I’ll happily be the first to throw an objection into the mix.  Behold, my greatest dining displeasure – the unisex bathroom.  While I prayed this trend would die out, it seems all too alive and well.  Case in point: Soho’s newest eatery FR.OG.  While it may be fetching to the eye, it’s deceptively unisex. Though the doors read W & M, let’s note the shared sink & mirror space.

What happened to the notion of the ladies room?  Do metrosexual men really want to fight for the mirror with the ladies they’re trying to impress?  Why can’t we powder our noses in private?  Is there no sense of social space in New York City these days?  Men’s, women’s, it’s easy.  I beg you: stop the madness.

There, I feel much better.  Now it’s your turn.  Email me at to air your personal grievances.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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