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Devin Tavern’s Spring Cleaning

For Devin Tavern, spring cleaning apparently means more than just cleaning out a closet or seasonally updating the menu.  Chef Christoper Dunn has officially been “let go”: gone is the “rustic” American menu and sadly those chocolate-covered potato chips I did so adore.  Alas, hopefuly chef Derrick Styczek (River Cafe) will cushion the blow with his modern american cooking.  Not one single dish has made the cut onto the new menu, which features the likes of short rib ragu and king crab flat iron steak – apparently a NYC first.  Out with the old and in with new pastry chef James Distefano, who’s doing the retro thing: double chocolate cake, mixed berry cobbler and a slow-roasted pineapple upside down cake.  It seems the slow-roasting trend has snuck its way into desserts.  Whether the new menu’s worth a trip to Tribeca, we’ll have to investigate matters further…

Devin Tavern
363 Greenwich St.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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