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DIY Drinking

Top it Off
The world as we know it is about to change – seriously (at least the world of liquids).  Just screw a (coming soon to a store near you in 2007) Flavor Tops cap on a bottle of water and design your own beverage on the spot.  Having just developed the technology to store powders or liquids in bottle tops, the Innovation Fund can turn water into juice, tea, soda or even a cocktail!  Think of the possibilites – vitamins, medicine and did I mention cocktails – all with just a bottle of water.  I’m no banker, but I’d buy stock in bottled water if I were you.

Sipahh Way

Straws are making a comeback with Sipahh, the greatest thing to happen to milk since chocolate.   Filled with Unibeads, these flavor straws turn milk into an experience upon impact.  Sure, they’re marketed toward children, but with flavors like Chocolate Mint, Green Apple and Cookies & Cream, I don’t want to grow up.  Not a milk drinker, stick a straw in your iced coffee and let the dissolving begin.  Right now, the Australians are hogging all the Sippah straws, but if enough Americans cry over spilled milk, we might just get them to send a couple million our way.

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