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DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

41PTZFDM9HL._SL500_AA300_.jpgLast week’s sleek popsicle molds inspired a search for other inventive gadgets for making frozen treats. There’s only one frozen dessert we love as much as popsicles and that’s ice cream sandwiches.  And apparently, we’re not the only ones who feel this way.  The mix-and-match ice cream sandwiches at The Meatball Shop, located in the East Village, are just as popular as their meatballs,

With this ice cream sandwich maker (pictured right), you can make your own ice cream sandwiches whenever the craving strikes.  The possibilities are limitless.  You can make a peanut butter and strawberry ice cream sandwich,   a chocolate chip mint, or snickerdoodles with moosetracks.   Just bake a freshly baked batch of cookies and use the cookie cutter to create equally sized triangles for the two cookie layers.  Use the mold to combine the cookies and ice cream together, remove the plunger, turn the sandwich maker upside down and let it rest until the sandwich slides out of the mold.   Voila – perfect ice cream sandwiches ready to eat or put in the freezer for entertaining!   if you want a healthy option, try sorbet or frozen yogurt, which work just as well in the mold.

Cuisipro-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-Maker $19.95

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