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DIY Quesadilla Maker

quesadillamaker.jpgWe love going out for Mexican, but aside from guacamole or ceviche, we rarely make it at home.  Homemade tortillas seem daunting and 17-ingredient mole overwhelming.  Recently, we’ve developed a fondness for breakfast quesadillas and we’d prefer to eat them in our PJ’s.  So we went on a hunt for a kitchen tool to make it a lot easier and we found one.

This El Paso Quesadilla Maker (pictured right) is almost too good to be true.  It’s non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about prying our cheese-filled quesadilla out and there’s a ready light that lets you know when it’s done.  Which means there’s no risk of over or undercooking, and no need to stand guard,  peeking under the lid to ensure it’s not going to burn.  There’s also a built-in reservoir to catch any gooey cheese or liquid spillover, which makes for easy cleanup.

Just place a corn or flour tortilla on the base and fill it with whatever you want — from cheese to crab to steak, eggs, corn, mushrooms or whatever else you can think up.  You’re the chef.  It’s your show.

Quesadilla Maker $17.99

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