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Double Kitchen Timer

17248_lg1.jpgIf you were in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner last week, you probably realized how hard it is to keep track of all the dishes — stuffing, turkey green beans, sweet potatoes — you’re making, so none of them burn.  Where cooking is concerned, timing is everything.  Leave a dish in the oven a little too long and you might as well order in.  The most important dish usually ends up with the timer, while the rest are left up to fate.

Not anymore.  This two-faced timer (pictured right) allows you to simultaneously time two different dishes.  Instead of eyeballing a dish, you can set one side of the timer to your meat or fish and the other side to a side dish or your cake.   Now, you can multitask in the kitchen and save yourself a whole time and guess work.

Double Kitchen Timer $18.00

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