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A Look at Doughnut Project’s Inspired, Deep-Fried Creations

Everything-11The once innocuous doughnut has proved an innovation generator throughout NYC nowadays, from Doughnut Plant’s Ripple (a doughnut within a doughnut within a doughnut), to Dough’s Lemon Meringue Pie (a double dessert hybrid) to Dominique Ansel’s oft imitated — but never replicated — Cronut.  And the West Village’s Doughnut Project has raised the stakes still further, with their clever collaborative chef series.

Never afraid to think outside of the pastry box, the shop is already well known for their gutsy couplings of sweet and savory flavors; think “The Everything” — garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sea salt — on a zesty cream cheese glaze, as well as “The Bronx” (Italian olive oil and black pepper), “Those Beetz Are QualityEats-2Dope” (DonutFest 2016’s Fan Favorite, stained with root veggies and filled with ricotta), and even a limited availability, Saturday’s-only version, piped with bone marrow and brightened with clementine frosting.

But inspired by popular restaurant dishes (and we’re not talking desserts), a current spate of creations really take the cake.  Available at either the featured eatery or Doughnut Project itself while in rotation, past offerings include an entry from Quality Eats (jalapeno jelly-filled, crowned with peanut butter glaze and Nueske’s bacon), along with Gramercy Tavern (kabocha squash with grilled green grape glaze and fried capers), Perla (bloated with lamb belly, yogurt, mint and cherry peppers and swiped with brown sugar), and an ode to Lupa’s bucatini all’amatriciana; boasting tomato jam middles and olive oil, pecorino and guanciale-dusted tops.  1488548151899And Hundred Acres (cheffed by Ayesha Nurdjaja) is the latest to get into the act; cementing brussels sprouts’ status as the world’s coolest cabbage, by tossing leaves with feta cheese and fire roasted almonds, to complement a sumac-spiked glaze and fig filling.

With the entirety of NYC’s electrifying restaurant scene at its disposal, we can’t wait to see what Doughnut Project comes up with next.

Doughnut Project
10 Morton St.
(212) 691-5000

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