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Dripless Turkey Baster

TurkeyBasterDriplessAVF10.jpgAs crazy as it sounds, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  (Although, we’re still having a hard time getting out of summer mode.) You might want to start thinking about this year’s menu.  If you’re like most Americans, this is a holiday you take very seriously.  Everyone’s always trying to raise the bar on their gravy, cranberry sauce, and apple pie.  But really nothing is more important the bird with its crispy skin and moist interior.  The key to keeping it moist is the turkey baster.  We have to admit we’ve had the same turkey baster in our drawer for years because you only pull it out for special occasions.  But this is one you’ll want to trade up for.

This baster (pictured right) draws all of that tasty gravy up much quicker than most and it’s dripless, so there’s no mess or lost juices.  Even better, it’s curved to fit into hard-to-reach places and has clearly delineated measurements along the side. It comes with a cleaning brush and it’s dishwasher safe to boot.  While there’s still time to plan the menu, you might want to get your tools in order for Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re already craving our juicy turkey!

Crate & Barrel $16.95

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