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Foolproof Egg Separator

separatorEver try to separate the yolk from the egg white?  I don’t care how adept you are in the kitchen, it never gets easier.  Crack it against the side of a bowl and you’ll likely get bits of shell in the bowl. Try to scoop up the yolk too aggressively and you’ll wind up with a broken yolk and have to start all over again.  It’s an art few can master and it almost always get messy, which is why we’re obsessed with Quirky’s Pluck.

This clever kitchen gadget literally plucks the yolk out of the bowl. No need to separate beforehand.  Just crack the whole egg into the bowl, squeeze the silicone chamber on the Pluck, then release and it sucks the yolk right up into the chamber.  To get rid of the yolk, just squeeze again over the garbage can or sink and get ready to do it all over again.  When you’re through, wash it out by hand or even by dishwasher.  It’s great for making meringues, cakes, cookies, or whatever else you plan on baking this summer.  Pluck away!

Yolk Separator $12.99

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  1. We would love for you to compare the two and get your serious option of both. Please let me know to who to send a sample.



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