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Electric Push-Button Corkscrew

What would New Years Eve (or any occasion, really) be without an abundance of champagne and wine?  Holiday parties, birthday celebrations, Tuesdays — they all call for a few great bottles.  But, if you’re anything like us, using a clumsy corkscrew (especially after you’ve already had a glass or two), isn’t exactly ideal.

This year, we were excited to find an electric push-button corkscrew to do all of the work for us (except for the pouring, and you know, the drinking). Instead of struggling with the placement of a wobbly screw, resulting in a flurry of broken pieces of cork that muddy the integrity of your bubbly, you just place the gadget on top of the bottle, press the button, and, voila, you’re ready to pour.  It fits pretty much any bottle, so you can throw out the other five or six wine-opening gizmos you’ve collected over the years.  And it even holds its charge for up to eight hours, so you can keep serving (and sipping) all night long.

Electric Push-Button Corkscrew $29.95

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