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English Is No Longer Italian

It seems that English Is No Longer Italian.  That’s right, folks.  While Jeffrey Chodorow & Todd English may have theoretically seemed like a power team, the result was a gargantuan, midtown gorge-fest of mediocre, family-style Italian.  While both players have been successful in their own right, they couldn’t collaborate on an enduring formula….yet.

But just when you were about to count this team out, they’ve thrown their hats back into the ring to once again reconceive the 200-seat space, presently host to English Is Italian.  Come the first week in April, the restaurant will transform into Wild Salmon, a Pacific Northwestern with a definitive seafood slant.  China Grill Management has lured chef Charles Ramseyer, who made a name for himself at Ray’s Boathouse, a top Seattle dining destination. While not taking drastic measures to make over the space, CGM plans to incorporate a few “60’s, new modern” accoutrements into the already opulent setting.  As far as the cuisine goes, all of the proteins and produce will be exclusively devoted to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, California & Oregon).  And that’s just the fare: wines & micro-brewed beers once unavailable on the east coast, will also be ripe for the picking at Wild Salmon.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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