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Fancy Food Show: Part Two

Not to sound ungrateful for thousands of free samples – nearly every girl’s dream – but after awhile, olives & energy drinks just don’t mix.  The circus has officially left town: after sorting through the goodies, I suppose it’s time to ponder the future of food:

1)  Vegetarians may no longer give caviar the cold shoulder; Sea Gem
has unveiled an entirely seaweed-based line of kelp caviar.  Sure, we’d prefer beluga to salmon-flavored eggs, but seeing as we’ve got no black market connections at this time, salmon, wasabi or beluga flavor might just do the trick.  And there’s that one little edge Sea Gem’s got over tried-and-true caviar: seaweed’s one of the world’s healthiest foods – lowers cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, blah, blah.

2) While we’re not above brown bagging our chardonnay, Wine By The Glass just devised a perilously easy way to imbibe on the run.  Leave it to the Italians to come up with convenient, prepackaged cups (plastic or glass) of Chardonnay, Merlot or Rose, all for a measly $6.99.  Take them to the beach, on a picnic, to the office – whatever gets you through the day.

3) The latest in the artificial sweetener craze: Maple Syrup Flakes.  The aisles of the Jacob Javitz Center were riddled with these all-natural & organic way to get your sugar fix, top off your yogurt, cereal and salmon.

4) Pop goes the…candy bar? Yes, that’s right.  Along with a parade of popcorn flavors,
Dale & Thomas have introduced a line of chocolate candy bars
riddled with exploding candy bits.  No, it has nothing to do with popcorn…at all.  Think Pop Rocks meets Hershey’s…in
some bizarre-o world.

5) Salt & pepper just got another accompaniment: edible gold dust.  If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be seeing bartenders and chefs alike adding a bit of bling to cocktails & desserts.  Gold Gourmet now offers little gold shakers, so you can even gild your beer and chinese take-out.

6) A practically impossible feat, Taste has miraculously managed to bring a bit of elegance to the canned food section of the supermarket. Inside their smart blue cans, they pack in the freshest gourmet ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes, crabmeat, salmon and a variety of other selections.  Taste’s quality goods are already being sold at Dean & DeLuca and Fairway as well as used by many a prominent city chef.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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