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Three-In-One Apple Gizmo

applepeeler.jpgIt’s that time of the year again.  That’s right, it’s apple picking season.  We’d love an endless summer, but if we must move into fall, picking apples with our own hands is pretty great, too.   That’s the easy part.

The tricky part is coring, peeling and slicing our shiny red picks for a pie.  That’s where this Peel Away Apple Peeler (pictured right) comes in handy.  Where to begin?  It has a suction base and a clamp to hold the machine firmly in place.  There’s also a three-pronged fork to secure the apple.  And there’s a coring blade, slicing and peeling blade. Just turn the crank and peel away.  My favorite advantage is that you can create different size slices because, as you know, some pies call for thin slices, while others call for thick, chunky slices.  Now, all you need is a pie crust.

Apple Machine $30.99

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