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Flavor Injector

img3cA lot of thought goes into the perfect Thanksgiving meal, stuffing and all.  And even more thought and preparation go into the main attraction – The Turkey.  Just think about it: Turkey has been enjoyed at Thanksgiving meals in America for centuries, and who wants to mess up the juicy centerpiece?  (It’s like accidentally chopping down the Christmas Tree.)

No one likes a dried up turkey, which is why we’re obsessed with the Flavor Injector from Williams-Sonoma.  It doesn’t matter if you roast, barbecue or fry your bird, this is your new best friend in the kitchen.  Whether you add herbed liquids, wine, beer, spiced liquids or flavored oils as marinade, the Flavor Injector is the fastest way to get the flavors in, and it doesn’t have to sit for hours because the syringe lets you inject flavor deep into the turkey fast.  The needle is super wide in case you have chunky or thick basting liquids and it’s even got tablespoon and teaspoon measurements along the side, so perfectionists can measure out just the right amount. We’ve got your back. This will serve you well into spring, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.

Flavor Injector $19.95

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