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Curly French Fries at Home

“Curly fries, or regular?”  Whether it was at a fast food joint or a 24-hour diner, we’ve all been asked.  There’s something about the deep-fried, spiral potato that makes it just a little more fun to eat than a regular french fry.  Don’t get us wrong: We love straight fries, but it’s good to change things up and why should we only get to eat them when we’re dining out?

The Curly Fry Cutter from Sur La Table can help you bring curly fries to your own table as often as you’d like.  Just place the potato in the top, turn the handle a few times, and out comes a serving of perfectly cut curly fries ready for frying (or baking, if you’re looking to make the snack a little healthier).  The fries fall to the bottom of the container so your countertop stays clean, and the bottom grips the counter so the tool stays safely in place.  Try all different kinds of veggies for summer side dishes (we love zucchini fries…the kids won’t ever know the difference), and be sure to use the second blade to slice up homemade potato chips!

Curly Fry Cutter $29.95

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