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Gizmo Girl – Aeroville’s Killer Cup of Espresso

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re obsessed with all things coffee.  We know it’s hard to recreate a true barista experience at home but we’re always trying.  Now, it may not look like much, but this puppy is years in the making.  Aeropress Espresso Maker is founded on air pressure brewing, which shortens filtering time, and more importantly, eliminates the bitterness you often find in your garden variety espresso.

How long does it take exactly?  20 seconds. That’s it and you can make four cups in just one minute.  Just place the grounds in the press, add hot water, press down, and you’ve got espresso.  You’d think we owned stock (we don’t), but we wish we did!  It submerges all of the grounds in water, resulting in a more full-flavored, smoother brew.  We have a peeve about acidic coffee, so we love that the lower temperature brewing reduces the acid by 4/5 th’s!  The Aeropress Espresso Maker includes a funnel, filters, scoop and stirrer.

Aeropress Espresso Maker $29.95 


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