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Gizmo Girl’s Sweet Tea Brewer

Winter… what winter? Which is fine with us as we happily gear up for spring and summer. One of our favorite warm weather pastimes is brewing authentic southern sweet tea.  But it’s not quite warm enough to set a pitcher of water and tea bags outside to brew in the sun, so we thought we’d seek out a little assistance.  What we found is this Sweet Tea Brewer (pictured right) that brews up to two quarts of tea in ten minutes.  We’re just getting started.  It lets you adjust the strength of the tea to your liking as well as the amount of sugar and even brews your tea at the perfect tea brewing temperature (which is 204 degrees in case you’re interested).

This Southern Sweet Tea Brewer works with both bagged and loose leaf tea, making up two quarts in under ten minutes.  If that’s not enough, the filter is stainless steel and reusable, not to mention you can use it to make unsweetened tea as well.

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