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Gordon Ramsay Throws a Tantrum: Oscar-worthy Performance

It’s not everyday you witness a chef making a scene in front of a packed dining room.  But that was NYC pre-Gordon Ramsay’s invasion.  On my way home from Time Out’s Eat Out Awards last night, I literally caught Ramsay throwing a fit through the window of Nirvana Restaurant at Dillon’s on West 54th Street.  I assumed he was just testy after losing to Stephen Starr (Buddakan & Morimoto) for “Best new restaurateur from out of town” at the Eat Out Awards ceremony.  But apparently it was all staged for an upcoming episode of Fox’s reality show, Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay’s follow-up to Hell’s Kitchen.  Ramsay seems to be making a nice living off his anger management issues, but here’s an idea for an episode: Gordon Ramsay actually steps foot into his own kitchen (The London) and balls himself out for being an absentee chef, abusive boss and inhospitable host.  It opens with a panicked hostess dialing 911… “There’s a kitchen emergency at The London.  Come quickly, we can’t find the chef anywhere.”

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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