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Gourmet Glossary

Posted on Apr 23, 2007 in Gourmet Glossary

In honor of Balthazar’s 10th Anniversary, I’m christening Restaurant Girl’s new, weekly Gourmet Glossary with a Franco-friendly term, pulled straight from Balthazar’s menu: Dover Sole Meuniere. Meuniere – A style of cooking fish whereby it’s seasoned, dusted in flour and then sauteed or fried in butter.  Dover sole meuniere is often finished with parsley & a splash of lemon juice.  Balthazar’s take is first-rate, served as a special every Tuesday.  Feel free to send me any unfamiliar food-related terms that stump you!  While it might surprise you, even I stumble across a foreign word….or two.  Until we eat again,Restaurant Girl**Don’t forget to subscribe for Restaurant Girl...

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