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Gourmet Gossip

I can’t keep my mouth shut when it comes to food, so from now on Restaurant Girl will share any secrets going around the ole restaurant rumor mill.  This week I was tipped off that:

  • BUDDHA BUMMER – The much anticipated opening of Buddha Bar has been once again postponed from April 19th to April 25th.   Gasp!  Alas, I can always pass the time at one of the other ginormous Asian-inspired mega-restaurants.  So put it on your calendar.
  • PICNIC IN THE PARK – The Shake Shack has officially reopened for business with a liquor license to boot.  So grab a burger and glass of champagne, wine or beer and toast to their new extended hours (open til 9 PM).  Who else would dedicate a deliciously different custard to everyday of the month?  Check the custard calendar.

(Quality Meat Three Ways)   

  • SNEAK PEEK – Okay, so I’m a snoop.  I popped my head into Quality Meats the night after  it so grandly opened its doors.  Think Butcher Shop gone chic where deconstructed chandeliers made of pulleys, meat hooks and lightbulbs shed an industrial, but glamorous light on a modern industrial space.
    • From pepper-glazed tuna to a fire-stoked leg of lamb, Quality Meats doesn’t discriminate solely in favor of red meat.  As waitstaff prepare their signature steak sauce tableside with snips of fresh herbs, Quality Meats manages to make a meaty experience somehow more civilized.  Posh twists on traditional sides include creamed spinach souffle and corn creme brulee.
    • Grab a stool at the Charcuterie-bar where you can graze on freshly sliced meats, cheeses, housemade preserves and homemade potato chips with whatever seasonings your hungry heart desires.
    • Some cuts, such as the QM Double Rib Steak, can only be carnivorously devoured exclusively on the premises 57 West 58th btwn. 5th & 6th Aves., (212)231-7777.

Until next thyme,
Restaurant Girl

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