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Herb Scissors

C_RSVPSNIP.jpgTo us, summer flavor means fresh summer herbs.  Maybe you have a windowsill herb garden, or you picked some up at the store to compliment a dish.  We like to create a dish around whichever herbs we got our hands on, sometimes sage, basil, dill, tarragon or lemon balm.  We love these five-blade scissors because we can use them for everything from cutting the herb off the plant itself to finely chopping it up for the plate.  No cutting board necessary.  How cool is that?

With five blades, there’s practically no work to do, be it basil for pasta or dill for stuffing inside grilled fish.  Perfect for chiffonades or a mint garnish on a fruit salad, you can even cut directly over your dish, which means less clean up (always a plus in our book).  These five-blade scissors are tough enough to tackle winter herbs, too.  The heavy-duty blades cut right through woody rosemary and the handle has a soft comfort grip to make your time in the kitchen a little easier.

Five Blade Herb Scissors $14.95

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