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Home Canning Set

Fall weather may not be here yet (thankfully), but we don’t mind looking for ways to get into the spirit.  Why not try a new hobby this year and master the art of canning?   You can preserve all those great cucumbers in pickle form or make tomato sauce or even tomato jam while they’re still ripe on the vine for a few, more precious weeks.

Unfortunately, canning can be an Olympic sport of sorts for home cooks. If you’ve ever tried to do it yourself without some quality tools, you know why. The Norpro 7-Piece Home Canning Set makes canning a breeze. It comes with all the essentials, including cheese cloth for straining, a funnel for cutting down on mess, and a magnetic lid wand to make sure you don’t burn yourself.   Perhaps the best part is that it includes a display rack your jars and a sterilizing rack that holds up to 12 lids at a time.  You’ll be a professional canner in no time.  Try canning some zucchini, eggplant, beans or peaches this fall, so you can enjoy a little taste of summer through the winter months!

Norpro 7-Piece Home Canning Set $52.49

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